Dear GNSI friends,

I am excited to provide a little advertisement for our Medical Topics 
presentation at the GNSI / Santa Cruz Conference!

A flock of Northern California medical illustrators will discuss a 
surprisingly broad array of topics that are currently engaging us.  
These will be short talks, commencing at 3:30 on Independence Day.  If 
you are medically curious, come feel the pulse of the profession!

Here's a little preview:

    Zina Deretsky
    Large Informational Poster Projects

    Chris Gralapp
    The Backwards Anvil: Perpetuating Visual Mistakes

    Julie Newdoll
    A Chemistry Card Game Like No Other: My Journey to Neon

    Betsy Palay
    Picture as Portal: Strategies for the Visual Communication of Science

    Andrew Q. Tran
     From Service to Product: Medical Illustration in the Tech Industry

Hope to see you there! Thanks to the wonderful meeting planners for 
inviting us.



*Chris Gralapp*,MA, CMI, FAMI**

Medical/Scientific Illustration

eyeart at <>

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