Hi Karen and Emily,
agree it's probably best to get it done professionally but almost no
professional would produce a negative anymore. Professional cameras
can produce very large digital files that are better than most scans.
Our 2011 Hasselblad H4D-200MS can produce a 200 megapixel image that
is true color and tack sharp. Even for Google we had to downsize them
to 10,000 pixels wide to upload them on the web.
I can't get the link to insert on webmail but copy and paste that into
a browser. I took all those images and Ben Hamley created the exhibit
using crops and zooms, with text from Geoff Monteith. 
As you can see the lenses have great depth of field too.
If you click on an image of a full case with the magnify tool, use the
slider at the bottom of the thumbnail on the right to zoom in.

Even our new Canon 5DS can produce a 50 megapixel file and there are
plenty of professional cameras that can rival any scan.

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You might consider having the piece professionally photographed with a
4x5 negative. Then scan the negative or have it scanned - make sure
the beg is cleaned of dust before it is scanned. I agree a direct scan
would be optimal but I've yet to see a scanner without the raised lip
(except for drum scanners but they require a flexible support).


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Hello everyone,
I need to scan a large (~24 x 36 inch) painting that's on watercolor
board. Obviously I'll have to scan it in pieces and stitch them
together, which will take time but that's to be expected. My problem
is that my scanner (an Epson Perfection V500 PHOTO) has a rim around
the scanning bed that is about a sixteenth of an inch higher than the
bed, so the stiff watercolor board will not lay flat against the
glass. I want the painting surface to touch the glass so the scan is

Does anyone own or know of a scanner comparable to mine (that is, in
the range a a few hundred dollars) with a scanning surface that is NOT
surrounded by a raised edge? I'm not finding that information in the
specs I've seen, and it can be hard to tell from photos.
Thank you,

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