Hi Emily:
Would that company that has a "system"  be willing to do a test for you? You said you were not convinced, but they must have said or done something to give you a negative impression. If it's local, you might ask them to show you their capabilities for free. Even a large test strip would be beneficial. 
Yes, I would say that balancing a white background, along with the subtle colors is challenging. Even the expert I use in Tucson sometimes has difficulty with delicate watercolor washes. But she really works hard to do the best the equipment will allow, and she has awesome equipment. Some artwork is more difficult than others.

Let us know what you discover,

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On Jun 10, 2016, at 5:51 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question.
I had actually found a place that would photograph my artwork with a system that uses a camera, however I was not convinced that the outcome would be as good as a scan, especially since much of the painting is white background and there are some yellows next to it.
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