Thanks for posting this, Gail. I finally had a chance to watch it this afternoon. Mervi and Ikumi: you are both wonderfully enthusiastic and articulate promoters of our profession. Way to go!

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The Arts District Episode 424 (Rocky Mountain PBS TV station, first aired 5/5/2016), features the School of Botanical Art and Illustration (SBAI) at Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver, Colorado. The segment includes interviews with the director of SBAI, Dr. Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski and one of the Artist-in-Residence, Ikumi Kayama (AIR Aug-Sep 2015); both are members of GNSI. The segment stresses the importance of bringing art and science together to create botanical illustrations and learning how to see to depict nature realistically.


Watch the segment (6:30 min.) on YouTube:



Each week, nearly 900,000 people throughout Colorado turn to Rocky Mountain PBS to discover provocative and inspiring local, national and international programming; find diverse viewpoints; score front row center seats to world-class performances; and experience lifelong learning opportunities.


Arts District is an entertaining and imaginative weekly arts program from Rocky Mountain PBS that collects and curates some of the best art stories from across the country. Thursdays at 7:30pm • Fridays at 2pm • Sundays at 10:30pm

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