Excellent, glad to hear it. I'll add you to a surprisingly large list

I'll be getting back to people more around the end of the month, around
Cattle Raids, to start the interview process, but I'm taking emails to KCoA.

Thanks much


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> This would be something right up my alley and I would be interested.
> Lord Zsigmund
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> On Jul 29, 2016, at 7:53 PM, Rob Howell <[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>>

>> Greetings all

>> I am seeking a deputy for the position of Lanner Herald.
>> Many of you have no idea that this position exists, much less what it
does. The Lanner Herald's job is to help with ceremonies in Calontir. I
have some time left on my warrant, but I have a project in mind and I need
some help.
>> Calontir has a big book of ceremonies, but this big book is rarely
referenced in part because few people know of it and it is not readily
available. It is my desire to improve Calontir's ceremonies by cataloging
this big book and all the other ceremonies I can get my grubby little hands
upon. This is not a small undertaking and I need help. What I need is
someone to scan / transcribe the ceremonies so that I can electronically
catalogue them.
>> Qualifications: An interest in ceremonies, both in the SCA and in
history. Constant access to a computer, to help digitize things. A
willingness and desire to organize things. Ideas for how you'd like to see
things done better.
>> This is a long-term project. Applicants should expect that by becoming
deputy, they will eventually become Lanner themselves. This project thus
requires a commitment. Also, applicants should be prepared to actively
reach out to those who might need ceremonies.
>> If you are interested, please email me at [log in to unmask] I will be
accepting applications through King's Company of Archers.
>> Rob Howell
>> Author of the Shijuren-series of novels
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