Greetings Friends and Chosen Family!

Many of you were lucky enough to see the stepping up of Their Majesties
Logan & Ylva - and what a glorious occasion it must have been for Calontir
and all the Known World!

And what better way to help Them settle into Their new Roles, than to fill
Their messages with recommendations and stories of the many varied and
talented members of Their populace! What better way to get to know the
skills in the Kingdom than through words of affirmation and support from
Their People.

With that - I challenge each and every one of you to send in at least two
award recommendations for worthy gentles after every event you attend. Why?
Because there is always some sharp-shooting archer, some diligent crew
chief, some enthusiastic fighter, some humble artisan, some skillful
equestrian, some helpful youth, and so many more doing great things to make
this Kingdom and this Society better in some way. You just have to look
around and notice them.

Think someone already has an award? THINK AGAIN! Many times, those same
people you *thought* were GOA-holders may not even have an AOA for their
craft or ability! Shocking, I know!!! But The Crown cannot give awards if
They do not receive recommendations. Don't just "assume" that someone has
something for their "cool thing". Check out the OP to see what they have
and then recommend them for the one you feel they deserve! And you DO NOT
have to have the award yourself in order to recommend someone else for that
same award. So just DO IT. *;-)*

Include examples of what the worthy gentle has shown you that prompted you
to write the recommendation. If you're not sure about the award to suggest,
include that in your comments. Take a look at the Calontir Awards and see
if they fit into one of those listed.

And then type in the Captcha and hit that glorious button "Submit"! and
Voila! You have now made it easier on Their Majesties to identify and honor
those who are doing awesome things within the Kingdom.
Calontir Award Recommendation --> Recommend people for those awesome
talents they have!
Calontir OP --> Look up gentles to see what awards they have (while you're
at it - check your own entry to make sure it is correct!)
Calontir Awards --> Check out the criteria of all the awards of Calontir

And if you aren't in the Kingdom of Calontir - I still challenge you to
notify YOUR Royals on worthy gentles in your Kingdom. The Crown doesn't
know what They don't know - so help inform Them about the cool people doing
cool things in Their Kingdom!

Ever In Service to Recognizing People for being Awesome,

Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend

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