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CALONTIR acceptances 
* Aleyn Crawley.  Name.
Aleyn was documented as a 15th century given name in the Letter of Intent (citing Withycombe). It is also a late 13th century name found in "Index of Names in the 1292 Subsidy Roll of London" by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (

The Letter of Intent did not document the submitted spelling of the byname Crawley. The submitted form is found in Watts, s.n. Crawley, dated from 1272.

Nice 13th century English name!

* Alianora Jehannette des Amandiers.  Name.
The submitter wanted a byname meaning "of the almond trees". However, it was not documented in the Letter of Intent. Ogress found a 1574 book published on a street named la rue des Amandiers, Les obsèques et funérailles de Sigismond Auguste, roy de Pologne, dernier défunct by Nicolas du Mont ( Therefore, we can register this name.

This name combines an English given name and a French given name and byname. This is an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C of SENA.

* Beatriu Samira.  Name.

* Eydís Markúsardóttir.  Name.
Submitted as Eydís Markúsdóttir, the correct genitive (possessive) form of the father's name is Markúsar-. We have made this change in order to register this name.

* Geraint ap Hywel Glyndyfrdwy.  Device. Per pale gules and Or, a lion vert and on a chief argent a bow sable.

* Mána-Rauðr.  Name and device. Gules, a kingfisher rising argent marked sable maintaining a trident bendwise sinister inverted argent.

* Matsunaga Kagetora.  Name and device. Sable, in fess two pine trees each within an annulet, each annulet interlaced with the other argent.

* Stephen Baran.  Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, two raven's heads erased contourny counterchanged.
Both elements can be found in England in 1570 and 1586, and in Germany c.1595 in the FamilySearch Historical Records, making this an excellent 16th century English or German name!

CALONTIR returns

* Káta in bareyska.  Device change. Per fess purpure and vert, a tierce wavy argent.
This device is returned for conflict with the badge of Willehalm Bärenjäger: Per fess purpure and vert. Appendix I states that peripheral ordinaries, like tierces, cannot be primary charges. Thus the only difference with Willehalm's badge is the addition of the secondary charge, which only brings one DC.

* Katheryne Winterbourne.  Badge. Ermine, three fleurs-de-lys purpure.
This badge is returned for conflict with the device of Annys Moryson: Per chevron purpure and argent, in base three fleurs-de-lys one and two purpure. There is one DC for changing the field but the fleurs in Annys's device are forced to base and so there cannot be a DC for changing the arrangement.

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