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*By Duchess Magdalena vander Meere*

From June 17 to June 27, 2016, people from across the Known World gathered
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of our Society.  The
location was Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex in
Danville, Indiana.

The Society for Creative Anachronism got its start on May 1, 1966 in the
backyard of Diana Paxson, known in the SCA as Mistress Diana Listmaker.
Paxson, and several other “founders” were attendance, and held founders
meet-ups, giving anyone interested a chance to talk to the people who
started it all.
[image: Mistress Morgana bro Morganwyg, Countess Diana Listmaker, Master
Andrixos Seljukroctonis and Duke Henrik of Havn]

Mistress Morgana bro Morganwyg, Countess Diana Listmaker, Master Andrixos
Seljukroctonis and Duke Henrik of Havn

A History Hall was located in a blissfully air-conditioned building. Each
kingdom was invited to put together a display of historical artifacts,
information graphics and a video to help convey their kingdom’s rich
history. Calontir’s display included a historic set of crowns (often called
the Fleury Crowns), the warlord and consort circlets, a kingdom banner, a
poster depicting the lineage of our kingdom, and several posters explaining
our award structure. A video slideshow was put together of photos from the
archives of Mistress Rhiannyth, who has been photographing Calontir since
our days as a principality.

A memorial wall, in the hallway leading to the history hall, bore the
images and heraldry of many people who have been lost to us over the
years.  By the end of the week, Calontir had sadly added one more name and
face to the wall.

But 50 years is only a start! Our celebration was not just about the past,
but about the present and the future.  Many other activities graced this
event; archery, light and heavy combat, arts and sciences demonstrations
and classes, equestrian activities, a bardic stage, dancing, and shopping.

And Calontiri could be found participating in all areas.
[image: The Great Machine]

The Great Machine

Several live demos were set up along Artisans Square, which was centrally
located. A Blacksmith shop, and outdoor period cooking lab, an iron
furnace, and a joiners shop garnered much attention. Calontir’s own Great
Machine, commanded by our own Master Gerald Goodwine might easily have been
the most popular demo on site.

The archery range provided opportunities for a variety of shoots. With the
range schedule listed as “open” most days, archers did not know what to
expect when they arrived to shoot! But plenty of shoots took place
throughout the week.

The light weapons arena hosted two or three tournaments each day. Most were
heavy rapier but several were for cut and thrust. On any given day 50 to 75
fighters could be seen in armor. Thursday was Master Alan of Darkdale’s
60th birthday. He was looking to fight 60 different people. “By the time I
got to 40 my brain told me it was time to be done.” He fought several
passes with each fighter so the fight total was somewhere around 200 passes
with people from 16 different Kingdoms.

Lady Vashti said that after attending a Persian dance class, she was
excited to give this challenging style another try. She enjoyed spending
time in the Middle Eastern culture tent.

[image: 20160623_213113]
(or rattan) combat was held in both a covered building with a concrete
floor and also in an outdoor arena. Each day, at least three tournaments or
grand melees were scheduled. On Thursday, Herzog Hirsch won the Great Sword
Tournament, which was in a round-robin style.  He also participated in a
tournament to support St. Jude charity.
[image: Calontir singing at 50th Year]

Calontir singing at 50th Year

A covered stage stood along the main promenade of the event.  Plenty of
open stage time allowed performers to step right up and entertain the
crowd.  At other times, specific entertainers were scheduled to delight the
audience. A highlight of the week was when The Three Rivers Players took
turns performing with Duke Cariadoc of the Bow! Mistress Elien, of
Calontir, was so excited to meet Cariadoc that she asked if he’d be in a
selfie with her, and he complied, smiling.  Master Ravasz updated his
iconic Newby and The Shower to include the unique characteristics of the
50-Year shower trucks.
[image: Magda and Catrijn]

Magda and Catrijn

[image: 20160623_130831]
equestrians of the Known World came out in force. Baroness Eowyth said that
the number of horses in attendance more than doubled the largest number up
to that point, with more than 120 horses on site. Events included games,
foam and wood jousting, mounted combat, a choreographed carousel, and
mounted archery, and chariot archery. The huge, covered horse arena was
active from early morning to well past dark every day. Our own Duke
Eringlin and Sir Saito both made it to the finals in the wood jousting
tournament. And Her Ladyship Catrijn won the novice games tournament on our
own Ippo Proti, Kacey!

Those Calontiri who made the trek to the SCA 5oth Anniversary Celebration
seemed to enjoy themselves mightily, in the way that Calontir usually
celebrates; singing. On Friday, Calontir took to the stage, accompanied by
Queen Adrielle of Ealdormere, and sang in honor of Herzog Ostwald. Ending
with Warrior’s Wyrd, Calontir did what we do best. We were family.

[image: Like]
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