Lady Rosalie

Hold onto that vision of the forever king in your heart. I believe we all have that same image of the first Royals we come in contact with when we are first joining this "family".  You are so fortunate to have have such chivalry and graciousness attached to those memories.
I remember mine very clearly, it is etched permanently in my mind's eye,
 mine also includes those royals wearing the original beautiful Fleury 
Very well spoken, thank you for sharing.
Mistress Bronwyn

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 02:49:37 +0000
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Subject: [CALONTIR] My Memory of Duke Ostwald
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I've been hesitant to share my feelings on Duke Ostwald's passing because I didn't know him personally. Nonetheless, he's my Forever King: he impacted my life and I know that if I don't add to his legacy in my own way, I'll regret it...

The first time I bowed to Royalty at an SCA event was when I was returning to site at Lilies XXV. I didn't have an SCA name, I was wearing a pair of jeans and a blouse since I'd come from work, and a couple wearing crowns came into view on the road. I stepped
 to the side to give way and curtseyed nervously. They both smiled and the Lady said, "Thank you."

The Royals were Prince Ostwald and Princess Kaye. Over the next nine months, they became the first King and Queen I saw Crowned, the first Crown I swore fealty to, and the Crown that awarded me with arms. More than that,  they were the first Royals who noticed
 me or spoke to me, and they were nice to me. I was brand new to the SCA, an absolute nobody, yet the King and Queen always had a warm smile and a kind word for me.

And I loved them for it. 

Hearing Ostwald say before the Kingdom that he could not and would not rule without Kaye warmed my heart, brought tears my eyes, and forever shaped the way I viewed chivalry in the SCA. Seeing the warmth in Ostwald's eyes when he looked at his "most precious
 treasures," (their children) made me smile and I often think of it when I look at my own precious baby.

I remember how my heart ached to see the pictures of my King being carried from the field at Gulf Wars. Calontir had become my home with two people leading the Kingdom, two people shaping the way I viewed the Crown and the SCA. Now, four years after I bowed
 to that King and Queen for the last time, I look back and see that I have bowed to the Crown since then, but during the six months that Ostwald II and Kaye ruled the Heartland, I bowed to a King and Queen... My Forever King and Queen.

Despite this, I won't remember Ostwald enthroned and crowned... I will remember him kissing his wife and comforting his children when their mother received her last unanswered blow before being declared a knight. I will remember watching him pray with Kaye
 at her elevation, and I will remember the man who was always kind to nervous new girl. He helped shape my Dream of the SCA simply by living his life, by loving his family, and by sharing his light with the world. I am grateful beyond words for that.

My Forever King has gone to be with the our Heavenly Father and I can think of nothing sweeter for knight than to stand in the Court of the King of Kings, but I will always miss seeing him guard the Falcon Throne.

-Lady Rosalie Langmod 

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