We DEFINITELY need a Journal write up! Do you know if they are keeping 
the murals up or have they taken them down? And what happens to them 
after that?

I'm glad we got so many good photos of the murals, both in progress and 
installed, they look just wonderful.


On 7/13/16 11:40 AM, Taina Litwak wrote:
> Hi Pat -
> I took your advise and got 5 lbs of Pumice dust.  We mixed about 9 handful per quart into the flat wall paint I get a home depot.  Probably should have mixed it thinner with more water, because it went on thick and got a bit clumpy - but really came out to a nice sidewalk texture I think.  People seemed happy with the surface and it sure did hold the chalk.  Have you seen the photos yet - a bunch are on the GNSI FB page.  Many thanks for the coaching - missed you being there.  Clara wants me to do a write up on it for the journal later - hope to get to that.
> Taina

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