Hi Kathy and Emily,


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I made a mistake by not backing out in time I think. I already wrote a reply yesterday but I saved it because I not wanted to rush things and say something I would regret. And indeed, Emily, they have no idea that adjusting something without consent is a big no-no. I already wrote about it in the email I have right now, but I am going to sit on it for a while yet. The fact that they think 780 euro is a lot says it all I think.




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It’s clear you’ve invested so much time, honesty and hard work, and they've treated you shabbily. It’s hard to see how this will be pulled out of the fire without a disadvantage to you. (I am in a similar situation, and ruing the day I accepted this job, which was for a friend.) I can hear they didn’t have a clear image of what the project would entail or what the printed form would be. It’s very hard to work with people who are inexperienced in visual communications and have no sense of the business end of things!


I guess I’d take the money, and a lesson learned to always trust my gut. But please let your contact person know how many hours you put into the original plan, plus the changes. Sometimes that takes them aback and loosens up the purse strings. Especially if they envision working with you again. It’s all about community and keeping good relationships, is what I’ve learned. And that goes both ways. ; )


I hope you can eventually work this out so that they will pay you what they agreed to up front.


Warmest regards,





That sounds very frustrating, Mieke.

From the information you provided, I agree with your inclination to charge them the original agreed-upon amount - with a polite explanation accompanying your request, of course. ;)

You said they had to change your infographic in order to print it; something which stuck out at me when I read your message.

Was there any language in your contract or agreement about your client being permitted to make changes to your work? Even if your agreement didn't have language about to making changes, I might (politely) let your client know that you should have been given the opportunity to make the changes yourself because you want them to be happy with the result.

If you ever work with them again, it sounds like it might be a good idea to require that they have a better idea of what they need before they sign a contract with you.

Good luck!

Keep us posted.




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