Hi Wendy,

I'm so glad you like my Etsy shop! I do love this listserv. In any case,
you haven't missed an email. I just got back from mailing the painting
(Yay!!!)  and only now have time to tell the final story.

First I tried scraping with new #16 exacto blades which worked pretty well
but the brown ink had seeped in so far and there 2 main spots and 2 areas
with bleeding on paper that had been erased. The areas still looked just
dirty even after any definite brown spots were gone. So off I went to my
local art store for supplies. They were out of methyl cellulose and
carageenen, and only had black watercolor ground. I thought about trying
some aquapasto but one of the guys at the store told me his trick for
dealing with holes and spots without having to mix paint to match the paper
( which I tried at some point and did find quite hard even though I think
of myself as good at color mixing). Anyways, his trick is to use an exacto
to pick out bits of fiber from a piece of scrap paper of the same sort and
then use Ph neutral book binders glue to stick them down. On my practice
run it worked perfectly. You can't see I scraped out a letter and replaced
it at all! On the actual painting it didn't work so well. Maybe because i
didn't thin the glue like he told me, maybe because I hadn't scraped deep
enough, or perhaps had scraped too deep. I don't know but it just didn't
look good, the color and texture both looked bad.

So, time for thinking completely out of the box! The painting is to
commemorate a capital campaign for a wilderness camp and the mistake was in
the name of the camp at the top of the piece. The camp used to have a
wooden sign with the name carved in - kind of like a forest service sign -
so I found a scrap of paper with 3 nice hand cast edges and hand tore the
4th edge. I painted on the camp name using the same typeface and color as
on the old sign, glued it on the painting with the book binding glue and
voila - a placard with the name of the camp! It actually looks really good
and perhaps even intentional. A happy mistake as it turns out. And a lesson
in not getting careless during the last 5 minutes of a painting! Phew I'm
done after working on this for a really long time!


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> Hi Lore,
> I might have missed an email or two, but how did you fix it after all?
> Did you take before and after photos? Isn’t this list serve amazing?!
> By the way, I love your Etsy shop!
> Take care,
> Wendy
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