Getting multiple points of view is important. One set of answers appears to be on page 190 of the eleventh Edition of the GAG Handbook.  You may also want to look at the major online image houses like Getty, etc.  While not likely the prices you would charge, they show you the floor of what someone could be hoping to pay. Of course you are offering a custom image, possibly for their exclusive use, so the price would go higher. You are looking for Rights Managed Food and Beverage packaging design information. The nice thing about the stock agency online interfaces for pricing is that they show you all the aspects of the deal you should be asking about, at least for something like a wine label.


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I am writing for pricing help as I barely have any experience since most of the stuff I've done before has been for friends. 
I've been asked for a quote for three fairly simple images that would be used for a company's wine labels. Its through a high end design company catering to small independent companies, with offices in london and sydney, so I don't want to sound like a complete dork on my end. 
I replied that I would be happy to work with them and go ahead and send the information over so I can give them a quote. 
How do you come up with a price with something like that? Im assuming there is some sort of industry average for jobs like that? They have a deadline of 2 weeks to complete it.
Thank you for any advice. :)


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