I first read her phrase "I hope they will have a standard contract", to be hoping the client has a standard contract, but then thought maybe she meant she hopes the GAG Handbook has a standard contract. And the GAG does (online at least), but it also has explanations of varied possibilities for varied fields of work, as you describe Natalya. 

The online version used to be accessible without a membership, but now I'm not sure that's still true after they redid the website.

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On Jul 11, 2016, at 8:59 AM, Natalya Zahn wrote:

Regarding contracts - don't assume that the client's contract is necessarily in your best interest... If they're experienced in working with artists, they may have a nuanced contract that is respectful of the rights of the creative. However, clients not used to working with artists - and illustrators specifically (which are very different than graphic designers) - may have a boilerplate contract written up by lawyers that angles for as many possible rights for the CLIENT, and very little control left to the artist.

Every situation is different - just make sure you scrutinize any agreement that is presented to you and advocate for yourself if you notice anything that doesn't sit right. You are 100% within your rights to raise concerns or suggest negotiations concerning a document that will legally bind you, and your work, with another entity.


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Thank you so much for all your insight. I have an 11th edition of the GAG handbook, but am out of town until the 15th so can't consult it. I've learned so much from all your replies and feel relieved to have and inkling where to start searching online to get some grasp on pricing. I hope they will have a standard contract they use with designers that we can work off of. We'll see.


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Hmmm…that’s how I’ve handled other clients…a matter of mutual understanding and working toward a common goal.

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I realize you're not dealing directly with the client but I often start by asking what their budget is. I can then adjust what rights I'm selling them to fit the budget.

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