This message (apologies for cross-posting) is being sent on behalf of Paul Skelley (Entomology Section Administrator, Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA)) and Zachary Prusak (Zachary Prusak, Florida Fire Manager for the Nature Conservancy) who are working on getting all of the donated books that the FSCA has out to the greater entomological world (and even beyond) in two ways. One, a much more organized "come on by and purchase books" at the FSCA, and some on ebay. The main purpose of this will be dedicated to raising funds for the Center for Systematic Entomology (CSE) (

Here are links to some of the books currently for sale on ebay with more to come:

Large Lot of 16 Coleoptera Books

Large Lot of 15 Coleoptera Books

Large lot of Coleoptera books

Large lot of 16 Coleoptera books

Large lot of 22 Coleoptera books

Six Weevil Books

Catalog Coleoptera America North of Mexico

Fauna Germanica Kafer Reitter

Encyclopedie Entomologique

Coleoptera of Indiana

Caddis Fly Larvae

Elateridae of Japan

South Carolina Beetles

Tiger Beetles

Catalog Coleoptera North of Mexico

Coleopterorum Catalogus

Australian Beetles

Staphylinids and Blackwelder

Leaf Beetles



Cerambycidae of North America

Florida Beetles



Lady Beetles of the Russian Far East

Mosquito News, Mosquitoes Medical Importance

Legion of Night, Underwing Moths

Attacus, Atlas Moths

Butterflies of South America

Butterflies of North Dakota

Field Guide Butterflies of Thailand

Butterflies of British Honduras

Key to Hawkmoths

Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera Micropterigoidea

Keys to Insects European Part of USSR Lepidoptera

Butterflies of the Australian Region

Lepidopterorum Catalogus Fascicle 118 Noctuidae

Large lot of 14 Lepidoptera books

Butterflies and Moths of Florida

Large lot of 13 Lepidoptera books

Large lot of 11 Lepidoptera books

Large lot of 8 Lepidoptera books

   For the past 20 years the CSE has served as a non-profit corporation designed to further systematics in its broadest sense. The CSE has supported the FSCA in many ways, including: purchases of computer software, library materials, museum study trips, labor for bulk sample sorting, and has even provided a number of grants for specialists to study at the FSCA.

Thank you!!!


Derek A. Woller

Ph.D. Candidate in Entomology, and Lab Manager
The Song Laboratory of Insect Systematics and Evolution 
Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University