On 8/11/2016 9:19 AM, Amberly Brown wrote:
> My favorite thing to do at events with an elevation is to find someone 
> who is either at their first event or first elevation, and convince 
> them to visit with the candidate and ask "what is a peer" and "why are 
> you sitting vigil". Not every /candidate/ appreciates this, but every 
> new person I've managed to convince to do this has found the 
> conversation profound. It also helps combat Peer fear--see, you knew 
> them when they were "just" a GOA. Everyone started where you are today.

Just as you have to teach a person "what is a peer", you can teach them 
"peer fear".

Think about it: if they didn't know what a peer is, why did they need to 
"fear it"?

I've always preferred to introduce people to "my friends", and later on 
mention that this person is a "peer", because they love to do "fill in 
the blank".  I know I never want people to know me because "I'm a peer", 
but because I'm having fun and want to share that fun.  I'm not 
"important".  I'm just out of the house today, having some fun. :-)

Peers are just people who love the SCA, and who have demonstrated that 
love through a particular lens of enjoyment.  Show them joyful people - 
and the new folks will love the SCA the same way.

     Tibor, old quondam peer and baron

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