Greetings, Calontir!

Reposting from the Calontir FB group, for those who aren't members or FaceBookers...

Just a reminder that Queen's Prize submissions close in a short two weeks (August 31st)! After that Countess Branwen and I will be matching up entrants and judges, and finalizing the schedule. I'm sure Pennsic had everyone's attention earlier this month, but so far the entries are running light and there is LOTS of room for more.

Judges - well, we always need more don't have to be any particular award level to be a judge, all you need is knowledge relevant to the categories for which you volunteer. The more expertise the better of course, but if you haven't judged before, I'll bet you'll be pleasantly surprised by nuggets of information and technique you learn from the other judges while talking to the entrants, as well as just increasing your circle of people interested in the same arts and sciences as you are! The judge form is here:

I want to most strongly encourage anyone who is considering an entry, and ESPECIALLY a Minor entry, to send it in during the next two weeks. I'm so proud of Calontir's great reputation in A&S, but to keep that tradition alive takes artisans at the AoA and novice level to work, exhibit, and progress, including our youngest, who are the future of the Society and Kingdom! The entry form is here:


HL Paul Adler, KMOAS

Vince Zahnle
COL, USA, Ret.
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