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Martin Schongauer, The griffin, 1485. Public domain in the US

Martin Schongauer, The griffin, 1485. Public domain in the US

Date:  September 24-25, 2016

Location:  Barony of Three Rivers At Puddleford, 18683 Highway CC, Warrenton, MO 63383

Gate Opens, Friday 9/23/16, 6:00 PM Site Closed, Sunday, 9/25/16, 12:00 PM

Site is Wet!

There will be a Dinner Inn Available!

Directions:  From I-70, take exit 193 onto MO-47 S in Warrenton. Turn left (west) on Hwy CC. (Do not trust your GPS instructions. Many will lead you down a road that is not really a road!)


  • Adult Event Registration $17
  • Adult Member Registration $12
  • Minor Registration: Ages 13-17 $ 5,  12 and Under Free

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc.—Barony of Three Rivers

Armored Fighting:  Conde Fernando promises plenty of fighting.

  • We’ll test your individual melee skills with the thrills of Mordain’s Rings,
  • Your group melee skills with the excitement of a shifting-team melee tournament on the field, bridge, and castle gate,
  • And, as time allows, your one-on-one prowess with an open-weapon speed tournament

Marshal:  Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon

Calon Steel:

  • Retained Injury Tourney:  The tourney will consist of as many rounds as it takes to determine a winner. Each fighter will be given a set number of bandages. Each bandage can heal any one injury incurred on the field, including death. Any injury received will be carried forward into the next round unless healed by a bandage. Once a fighter runs out of bandages, they are out.
  • Melee:  Viking Raid: One team will defend the town and its assets against the raiders. The town will be stocked with items that the raiders need to get back to boat to score points, such as wine, food, and religious relics (gold). There will only be one bridge into or out of town.
  • We will be fighting in and around the buildings of Puddleford. Pick-ups throughout the day

Marshal:  Lord Rolant du Burbonne

Equestrian Activities:

Baronial Equestrian Championship (All may participate)

Marshal:  HL Edward De Kent


Assorted shoots throughout the day. (With a possible special scenario, to be announced later!)

Marshal Master Dammo Unterweiller

Children’s Activities:

  • Boffer Tournament: Fighters sponsor the kids!
  • Quest for the Golden Gryphon.
  • Castle Seige!

Coordinators:  HL Fiondel Songspinner, Ly. Summerhild

Arts & Sciences:

Theme, Harvest: Anything you have harvested, OR anything that you would USE to complete the harvest!

Coordinator:  Lucia Flecher


Evening Bardic Competition sponsored by HL Fiondel Songspinner and Ly Arabella Morell!

Event Steward: Ld. Ozurr Sviðbalki ([log in to unmask]) 2444 Pinehurst, St. Louis, MO 63114 314-401-4055

Assistant Event Steward:  Ly. Quiteria La Roja ([log in to unmask]) 495 May Valley Ln, Apt D, St Louis, MO 63026 314-604-4826

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