Are the deadline to register as a judge and the deadline to register as an entrant the same date?

Also, to bolster what Her Excellency has pointed out, it's very likely that some of the judges who have already registered are also entrants and will be unable to judge in every time slot for obvious reasons.

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Subject: [CALONTIR] Queens Prize entries and judges
The Queen's Prize Tournament of HRM Ylva Jonsdottir approaches fast. The deadline for entries is midnight tomorrow, Aug 31. The entry form can be found at

We need judges! At this moment I have registrations from 59 entries and 36 judges. With three reviewers per entry, this would mean that every judge would have to work almost every time slot. Let's make this a little easier on everyone! Please sign up to judge, no awards or prerequisites are involved besides a basic knowledge of the subject and attendance at the event.

Thanks, --Branwen, scheduler
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