Greetings, all!


I will be having a precook for the Cattle Raids Inn on this coming Saturday, Aug. 13 at St. Mark’s on the Campus.  It starts at 1:00 and will maybe go as long as 8:00, but people are welcome to be there for any part of that time – even just for an hour or two. 


If you  are planning to come to the precook, please let me know.


We will be making naan bread and cutting up chicken breasts for grilled chicken tikka.  I will need good knives and cutting boards for the chicken, and electric griddles and/or electric frying pans and rolling pins for the bread.  If you have any of those things that you can bring to the precook or send with someone else, please let me know.


Also, could someone who knows how to create an event on the Mag Mor Facebook page please cross-post this for me?





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