I am having some work done at my house by a trio of very smart and funny 
El Salvadorean carpenters.  One day one of the guys said:  "Have you 
seen the carpenter birds?"  and he pointed out the window to a Pileated 
woodpecker family--a mother and big noisy fledgling, who was squawking 
for food.  I thought the name 'carpenter bird' was very charming, and 
since that day I have seen them again, this time a family of four, 
making the chips fly off an old oak tree above my deck.  What a treat!  
So I just ran across this blog that features fabulous images of 
woodpecker species from around the world--from the Woodpecker Book!

Hint--if you click on the image, you can view very large scans of the 

I think I will call them carpenter birds from now on--very apt!




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