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I have been hearing about 'multifocal' intraocular lenses, that have a limited ability to allow the patient to accommodate to distance and close work.  Here are a few resources :




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I will have both eyes done, but not at the same time. ... I thought they could put in a lens that had both far away AND up-close vision in each eye?

Good point, Linda. I may be confused about the procedure and lenses. I was thinking that there was one lens that had the ability of both focal powers of far away and up close. I was not thinking of having one focal for distance in one eye and one for close-up in the other eye. No, that does not sound like a promising solution to me at all !

My last year visit with doctor alluded to coming new advances in lenses and cataract surgery. Just how soon, I do not know and what those advances are. So I was hoping I could hold out till those new advances were available.... If they are even beneficial to me.
Have you had cataract surgery and were you satisfied with the results?


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