Linda if you go with APC they insure if you have the backup plugged into a grounded outlet.  They have different versions.  You may want to go to Best Buy and discuss or go online. Most batteries have a limited lifespan. I rotate and recycle monetary APC every 3 years.  

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Ah, the Power!!!!! Yeah, until lightning strikes! 

I've been a bit mind-blown trying to research battery backup and surge protection systems. say the least.

Amelia said she uses an APC Smart-UPS 750VA Tower UPS. 

I am looking at ones around $100, however. 

What I am finding in the descriptions, is that some say the battery preserves the backup ability for 3-5 minutes until you can properly shut down your computer (that is if you're there in the office, eh?). Some say they have 4 outlets for "battery" and 4 outlets for "surge", Why isn't there both?

Does anyone have any advice?

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