I have a colleague working on an exhibit for our Collections Department. Please read the following inquiry and let me know if you have suggestions. I can send a photo showing a mockup of the exhibit with the giant ant if you email me privately off the Listserve:

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a natural history model fabricator in the New England area. As part of an exhibit on army ants and their so-called "guests" (symbionts), we are looking to get a giant army ant model made with some of the guests attached. You can get some idea of what we're envisioning in the attached mock-up (although this was created with a generic ant, not Eciton burchellii). The ant could end up being anywhere between 8 and 12 feet long, and we are open to materials/fabrication techniques, with the major criteria being that it will be accessible to people touching it, and the lifespan of the model needs to be 4-5 years. We are looking for a representational level of detail, not an exact biological reproduction. We have up to $10K budgeted for the project, depending on the level of sophistication provided. We would consider anything from an individual artist to a larger firm, with a preference for the more personal.


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