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First, the battery backup outlets are also surge protection. You’d plug your computer into the battery backup and the monitor into the surge protection.


Many UPSs include communication cables to attach to your computer to inform your computer the status of the battery. There is either software provided or with the operating system to set up situations where your computer can either shut down or hibernate.


Most desktops will do just fine with an APC 650 VA UPS. They cost around $70.00. It will give you enough run time for your system to either shutdown or hibernate.


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Ah, the Power!!!!! Yeah, until lightning strikes! 


I've been a bit mind-blown trying to research battery backup and surge protection systems. say the least.


Amelia said she uses an APC Smart-UPS 750VA Tower UPS. 


I am looking at ones around $100, however. 


What I am finding in the descriptions, is that some say the battery preserves the backup ability for 3-5 minutes until you can properly shut down your computer (that is if you're there in the office, eh?). Some say they have 4 outlets for "battery" and 4 outlets for "surge", Why isn't there both?


Does anyone have any advice?





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