Cool idea about putting reading glasses on top of glasses. I am going to try that. 

You guys are lucky. Neither of my eyes focus together at any distance anymore. Sigh. Been a real pain to do tight work. And trying to read a book, heavy sigh again. Great suggestion Karen!

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On Aug 11, 2016, at 4:44 PM, Karen Ackoff <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Yes, I second the motion.

I’m not looking at cataract surgery yet. But I’m having difficulty since my optometrist of about 15 years retired. The first place I went told me I had a thinning macular layer in my eyes, which could lead to losing my sight. I was dubious, as they followed this with trying to sell me expensive vitamins. The next doctor I went to said there was no problem with my macular layer, but that I had early stage cataracts. I had glasses made there, and if I wear them, I quickly become nauseous. They insist the scrip is correct and I will get used to them, and they will not remake them. I tried a mail-order place just on a whim. But those glasses gave me double-vision, and I returned them (for a full refund, thankfully).

Went to yet a 3rd place. They actually showed me all the test results and imagery and I do not have a thinning macular layer, no do I have cataracts. The glasses that make me ill are made to the wrong scrip. I ordered new lenses for some old frames, and with any luck I will actually be able to see out of them.

Bruce, your vision sounds close to mine (my near vision focuses at about 3 inches). Do you have any problems finding a place to make your glasses? I’ve had this problem before when my optician retired. I get single vision distance lenses (can’t tolerate bifocals or progressive lenses - too much distortion), and I usually work with my nose to the drawing board sans glasses (most anyone can attest to this). If I need my mid-vision, I simply layer a pair of cheap reading glasses over my distance glasses, and this works well enough for computer work.



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