I've forwarded this to Gary Staab.

Gary's a great guy and has done models for ZooBooks, National Geographic, and several natural history museums, including outdoor and indoor life size models of dinosaurs and supercroc, and lots of other huge things. I remember seeing a sculpture of his with army ants, and I think this would be right up his alley.

~Tiffany Miller Russell
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I have a colleague working on an exhibit for our Collections Department. Please read the following inquiry and let me know if you have suggestions. I can send a photo showing a mockup of the exhibit with the giant ant if you email me privately off the Listserve:

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a natural history model fabricator in the New England area. As part of an exhibit on army ants and their so-called "guests" (symbionts), we are looking to get a giant army ant model made with some of the guests attached. You can get some idea of what we're envisioning in the attached mock-up (although this was created with a generic ant, not Eciton burchellii). The ant could end up being anywhere between 8 and 12 feet long, and we are open to materials/fabrication techniques, with the major criteria being that it will be accessible to people touching it, and the lifespan of the model needs to be 4-5 years. We are looking for a representational level of detail, not an exact biological reproduction. We have up to $10K budgeted for the project, depending on the level of sophistication provided. We would consider anything from an individual artist to a larger firm, with a preference for the more personal.


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