I had an eye exam this morning, and the suggestion was to wait another year to see if cataract symptoms will begin to show in my left eye, and/or the cataract in my right eye continues to get noticeably worse.  I expected another prescription change in the right eye because it seems to me I've noticed a change there, but the differences in my current prescription (differences by the physical addition or subtraction of diopters) were too small to warrant a change in prescription.  The  reason proposed to wait was that the difference in glasses prescriptions would be too great to be easily tolerated if only one eye was changed, even though I would want a near-vision lens.  I'm so near-sighted that I'd have to have both lenses replaced, or wear a contact lens in my left eye, or have laser surgery in that eye.  Since I don't tolerate contact lenses very well, and it seems ridiculous to have laser surgery when I might need a cataract replaced, I decided to just wait and see what develops. 

I was pleased to hear this recommendation, and the reasons for same, based on what I've read in this discussion.  The physician who examined my eyes this morning is new, a young woman, and I was her second patient (in this current office.)  She's from New England originally, and is pleased to have found a spot to work here in Maine.  I asked the "old" doc if he would still be doing surgeries, and he replied that he hadn't planned on it but the new doc is pregnant :).  The "old" doctor I've used for 30 years is quite particular.....I used to supply his surgical medications when I was the pharmacist at the local hospital, so I know this for sure.  So I'm quite certain the new doc is going to be as good as he has been this past several decades......he wouldn't have it any other way.  I feel lucky to have this situation, even though it's beginning to change. 



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