Karen and Bruce
I can absolutely relate to your experiences. Hated the transition lenses and
progressive lenses. And I will be saddened to loose my natural, very keen up
close vision and peripheral vision. And yes, I too have reading glasses in
every room of my house and studio and still often go mad trying to find
them, often in very odd places. Once I found my 3 foster kittens sleeping
with one pair!

Thanks for sharing your experiences. They have helped me a great deal over
the years. 

And my sincere thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion  !


On 8/11/16 3:44 PM, "Karen Ackoff" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Yes, I second the motion.
> Iım not looking at cataract surgery yet. But Iım having difficulty since my
> optometrist of about 15 years retired. The first place I went told me I had a
> thinning macular layer in my eyes, which could lead to losing my sight. I was
> dubious, as they followed this with trying to sell me expensive vitamins. The
> next doctor I went to said there was no problem with my macular layer, but
> that I had early stage cataracts. I had glasses made there, and if I wear
> them, I quickly become nauseous. They insist the scrip is correct and I will
> get used to them, and they will not remake them. I tried a mail-order place
> just on a whim. But those glasses gave me double-vision, and I returned them
> (for a full refund, thankfully).
> Went to yet a 3rd place. They actually showed me all the test results and
> imagery and I do not have a thinning macular layer, no do I have cataracts.
> The glasses that make me ill are made to the wrong scrip. I ordered new lenses
> for some old frames, and with any luck I will actually be able to see out of
> them.
> Bruce, your vision sounds close to mine (my near vision focuses at about 3
> inches). Do you have any problems finding a place to make your glasses? Iıve
> had this problem before when my optician retired. I get single vision distance
> lenses (canıt tolerate bifocals or progressive lenses - too much distortion),
> and I usually work with my nose to the drawing board sans glasses (most anyone
> can attest to this). If I need my mid-vision, I simply layer a pair of cheap
> reading glasses over my distance glasses, and this works well enough for
> computer work.
> K
>> On Aug 11, 2016, at 9:29 AM, OC Carlisle <[log in to unmask]>
>> wrote:
>> Thank you all for this enlightening discussion. I will probably encounter
>> this issue in the future. Now I use trifocal glasses which has served me
>> well. Thanks again!
>> OC Carlisle
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>>> On Aug 11, 2016, at 9:05 AM, Bruce Bartrug <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Very interesting, Chris and Jim, and thank you both.
>>> Reading through the articles about multifocal lens replacements reminds me
>>> of my experience with "progressive" (multifocal) lenses for standard
>>> eyeglasses.  In my day job as a pharmacist I needed the multifocal lenses
>>> and wore them constantly, including while driving.  When I began to have
>>> problems seeing clearly in my right eye and the cataract was noticed, I
>>> needed to change the right lens prescription.  Since I would probably soon
>>> need to change the right lens again (after cataract surgery), I opted to
>>> chang the right lens in a standard pair of bifocal glasses that I wear when
>>> using a camera or binoculars.  Since they are now the glasses I use for
>>> driving, I've discovered these are better for that activity than
>>> progressives....mainly because the peripheral vision is as clear as that
>>> directly in front of me....with progressive lenses one must look directly at
>>> a person/book/whatever as the progressive part of the lens is hourglass
>>> shaped.  As I became accustomed to using the bifocals I've noticed the
>>> accommodation difficulties at various distances is not the problem I had
>>> expected, and only becomes noticeable at some middle distances from about 3
>>> feet up to about reading distance.
>>> This, and the warnings about contrast, etc., in the articles cited by Chris,
>>> confirms my notion that single focal length lens replacements of some near
>>> distance will most likely be my choice.  Since my forties I've always had
>>> three pairs of glasses.....a progressive pair for work and driving, a single
>>> focal length pair for reading, and another single focal length pair for
>>> computer work.  This occasionally led to extensive searches through the
>>> house :), but that was a small issue compared to having the ability to move
>>> my eyes when reading or using a computer, instead of constantly turning my
>>> neck when using progressive lenses (to keep the hourglass aimed at what I
>>> was doing/reading.)
>>> This coincides with photographic lenses......single focal length (or prime)
>>> lenses have always had the advantage when edge to edge sharpness and high
>>> contrast were needed.  Zooms (multifocal lenses) could come close, but were
>>> mainly for convenience.  This has changed in recent years, so multifocal, or
>>> other, lens replacements shouldn't automatically be rejected.  I probably
>>> will choose single focal distance replacements, but what I'm really going to
>>> miss is the ability to see the finest detail simply be removing my glasses
>>> and using my near-sighted eyes which focus at about 5 inches.
>>> I'll let you know what I learn, Linny and Brie.
>>> Interesting discussion, and thanks to everyone,
>>> bab
>>> On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 1:33 AM, James A. Perkins <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>>> Linny,
>>>> I just remembered that you also asked about the added cost of the different
>>>> kind of lenses. I forgot to address that in my previous post.
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