Hi Floyd and fellow ECNers,

the North American Dipterists Society (NADS, is a loosely organized society without membership dues, elected officials, and bylaws. As the society does not generate revenue, it cannot as a society support ECN or other organizations.

I write this as a member of NADS in no official capacity.

Best wishes, Torsten


As in years past, we have approached most of the ordinal societies to solicit sponsorships (in any amount) and just as has happened in the past, absolutely no response at all, not even a no.  This leads me to believe that perhaps we aren’t reaching the right contact people.  The Coleopterists Society has already chipped in as they always have, but we love to reach out to someone from the International Society of Hymenopterists, the North American Dipterists Society, the Lepidopterists’ Society and the International Heteropterists’ Society.  Does anyone know someone in a leadership position in any of those organizations?  Are there similar ones that we’ve missed?  Help us update our records at least even if these organizations are not in a position to help this year.  Though seriously, even gifts of $100 help.

Thanks for your help with this, everyone!


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