This is something we have talked about since the beginning of ECN.  At one point ASC was going to do it then maybe NSCA, but alas nothing.

One could start by contacting the "official" in-country management authorities in each country.  Maybe if we got a bunch of volunteers to contact countries we could start the process for a centralized source.  Of course one might not get a response from many countries, the contacts may be out-of-date, etc., but it may be a place to start.  

Below is the link to the CITES source for all countries in the world.

Good luck

CITES International Management Authorities:

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Hi, folks. I could have sworn there was a website where people were compiling information on collecting permit regulations for various countries, but nothing obvious turns up in Google other than Chris Grinter's "Skeptical Moth" website, which is missing many countries. We were specifically looking for information on Guyana. Does anyone know
(a) a better website compilation of international permitting regs, or
(b) specifically what the situation is for Guyana?

Thanks in advance,

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