This is very sad.  I only met Norm once, but I totally enjoyed him.  He was very outgoing and extremely helpful in any way that he could.  When I had questions to be answered by Cal Academy, Norm was always able to direct me to the correct person.


He was most important to me for his web site:


Check-list of World Mecoptera


He also made a bibliography available for the group.


His career is outlined by CAS at:


If you contact his wife, she must have put something together about the totality of his life.


I will always remember you, Norm.


Joel Hallan

Austin, Texas

Biology Catalog






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Last call for someone to step forward to do a short presentation about the life and research exploits of Norm Penny.  Otherwise, we will be forced to relegate him to the moment of silence for all fallen colleagues and leave it at that.  I’ve got a few pics from Brett Ratcliffe, but Brett won’t be arriving until Saturday so he can’t do it.





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