Queen's Prize is this coming weekend, in the welcoming lands of Coeur

There are two special little aspects of this competition that I would
commend to your attention, lest anyone forget:

First, the Judges' Basket:  It is the custom for anyone judging to bring a
single item to contribute to the Judges' Basket, which will be awarded to
the Judges' Choice (Determined by voting during the day, I will have cards
for each judge to submit his or her own choice, and tally the results prior
to Court).  There aren't big rules on what kind of thing you should bring
for this, but in general something that is useful in a craft is an
excellent choice,  Having won one of them once upon a time, I can tell you
that one included all sort of stuff from three small handspun balls of yarn
to chocolate.  Realize that the winner can always barter a craft material
or tool to another artisan if they don't practice the particular craft for
which it is suited.  I'll be collecting items for the basket all day at the
KMOAS table.

Second, Sponsor gifts.  Sponsors are expected to bring one small gift of
some sort per each entry sponsored.  This gift does NOT go to anyone that
person actually sponsored, but to a different entrant that the sponsor
picks during the day.  During Court the assembled sponsors will by turns
distribute the gift each brought (Or gifts, if the sponsor sponsored more
than one entrant) to the entry that sponsor selected during the day.  I
will have a deck of cards, with one entrant per card, at the KMOAS table,
so each sponsor should stop by in the afternoon to select the card or cards
for the entrant(s) they elect to gift.  If you are a sponsor and can't make
it to the event, please try to send a representative with the gift and
ensure the rep knows to come by the table and select a recipient.

See you there!

Yours in Service
Paul Adler
Kingdom MOAS

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