Greetings!  It is that time of year!  If you are attending King's Companie
of Archers this year, online registration is open!  All an archer needs to
do is send your name, your court title, your archery rank, and the type of
bow you plan on shooting on Saturday.  For example, Rolf would send me this:

Master Rolf Hobart, Huscarl, Crossbow

to:  dolphin lover 1988  @ gmail . com  (no spaces)

I will reply with your number and you need only to stop by and pick up your
score card Friday night or Saturday morning.  I will be able to accept
online registrations until 10 am Friday morning.  I will hopefully be on
site Friday by 7 pm.

Please feel free to cross post this- especially if someone could get it to
the Calontam Yahoo group.  My yahoo email address is unretreivable and I
can't seem to get into it.  I would very much appreciate it.

Yours In Service,

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