Greetings unto our glorious kingdom from Miklos Farma. At Crown Tourney 
on 8 October there will be two A&S Competitions.

1. Their Majesty's Favorite Colors.
His August Majesty is fond of red and gold, while our Beloved Queen 
enjoys blue and white "(with some purple on the side)".
Create something in which their colors are the primary colors used.
You can make something in His colors, or in Her colors, or something 
using both Their colors. The choice is yours.

2. Heraldic Contrasts
In Heraldry, we have the metals (Gold/Yellow & Silver/White) and the 
colors (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple). Create something which shows 
off the contrasts between the metals and the colors, in any fashion or 
medium of your choosing. Note that this does *not* have to be a heraldic 
display, but as an example could be a piece of black embroidery on a 
white background.

Items can only be submitted under one category.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at miklos (dot) farma 
(at) earthlink (dot) net .

In Service,
I remain
Miklos Farma

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