<Drum Roll, please>


The Gryphon's Fest Bardic Competition!
(September 24, Puddleford, Warrenton, MO)

Sponsored by HL Fiondel Songspinner and Ly Arabella Morrel.

This will be a two-part competition.

The first, will be songs of love, songs of romance, songs of love-gone-wrong, songs of love gone right. Extra-special bonus points if you can incorporate Ld. Ozurr SviĆ°balki and Ly. Zubeida ( Cynthia Zumwalt) into your song. The prize for this will be a jug, much like the one pictured below (color as yet undetermined).

The second, will be "sing-a-long songs." Who can get *everybody* to sing? The prize for this competition will be some delicious, tasty beverage. (I am taking suggestions)

Come all ye bards and singers, songwriters and rabble rousers! Come and make a joyful noise. (And take home cool stuff)

Event group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/282113305493960/

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