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*Boga Hus scroll for THL Anne Renarde

*Text by Master Mathurin Kerbusso
<>, Calligraphy and
Illumination by THL Violet Sinclair

[image: Boga Hus Scroll for Anne Renarde]

Boga Hus Scroll for Anne Renarde

From greenwood ‘neath the Dragon’s wing

Through willow grove, with bow in hand

Came her of whom we now do sing

Who here before the thrones does stand

Who left many a foreign land

And found her perfect target here

See how her heart turned Calontir

Barb’d shaft that leaves the flaxen string

That soars away from twisted strand

Like fox it seems, a living thing,

Yet crafted by an artist’s hand

And so a spirit may remand

Itself to home it now finds dear

See how her heart turned Calontir

Heed now the words of Queen and King

They add to Boga Huscarl band

One hundred arrows in a ring

The knife that flies from gentle hand

The axe that flies at her command

They see all this, They see it clear

See how her heart turned Calontir

On this 10th day of September, AS 51 Konung Logan and Drottning Ylva
Inscribed forever the name of Anne Renard to the Order of the Boga Hirth.
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