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By Mistress Sofya la Rus <>

*Ed. Note:  The Falcon Banner is promoting the Calontiri Wikispace
<> managed by Mistress Sofya as another
tool in informing and connecting Calontiri. The Falcon Banner has begun
linking the names that appear in our articles to the person’s Wikispace
<> page when it is available, and to their
Order of Precedence <> page when it is not.
Remember that wiki sites depend on users to create and maintain the
content, so please consider setting up your own Calontiri Wikispace
<> page and keeping it up to date. Thank

*What can we do with the Calontiri Wikispace?*

   - Help to get to know our fellow Calontiri better – interests, skills,
   personas, put faces to names
   - Make it easier to submit well-informed award recommendations
   - Let our various guilds and interest groups make their own place on the
   - Give Calontiri merchants another venue to spread their craft
   - Be a place to find the stories and songs explain what it is to be
   - Work on joint projects and plans
   - Whatever else we can think of.

Anyone can edit existing pages although only “members” can add new pages or
upload files.

As an unofficial page, we will not need releases (Model, Photo, Content) –
hopefully. But be honorable and get permission before you add someone
else’s creative works.

[image: Adding a page]

*Basic Instructions*

* Adding a Page:*

   - Send an email to [log in to unmask] or one of the other


   - Join the wikispace (give administrators a little time to approve it),
   and sign in.
   - Click the + sign next to “Pages and Files” on the upper left hand side
   - Name your page
   - Select the appropriate template.

   - Fill in the information.

*Available Templates:*

   - People Template
<> (for
   an individual’s personal page)
   - Groups Template
<> (branches,
   guilds, households)
   - Activities Template
   <> (service,
   A&S, martial, etc.)
   - Events Template
<> (for
   SCA events)
   - Cultures Template
   <> (for time
   periods, geographical locations, etc.)
   - Awards and Orders Template
   <> (the
   awards and orders of Calontir)

[image: Editing an existing page]

*Editing an Existing  Page:*

   - Click on the “Edit” button in the upper right.
   - Change text much as you would with a standard word processor.
   - Standard “quick keys” work

*Editing Buttons:*
[image: Editing buttons]

Editing buttons

   - Bold
   - Italics
   - Underline
   - Text Editor (font size, color, background, etc.)
   - Header options (for outline/table of contents)
   - Numbered outline
   - Bullet outline
   - Horizontal line
   - Insert link/URL
   - Insert image
   - Insert widget (widgets are apps like table of contents, list of
   “tagged” pages, etc.)
   - Insert table
   - Comment
   - Undo
   - Redo

*To add an image:*

   - Copy and paste an image from another website,


   - Copy the link to an “External Image” from another webpage


   - Log in as a member of the wikispace.
   - Upload the image to the wiki then
   - Place it on the page (members only)
   - Click the “Insert Images and Files” button on the edit bar (the little
   picture between the links and the widget/TV button)  [image: Insert
   images button]
     and follow the directions there.
   - Images will tend to look best if you align them to the right.

*A note about Tags:*

   - “Tags” are how the wiki organizes pages, using the “List of Pages”
   - If you add the tag “people” to your page, then your page will
   automatically be listed on the People page with everyone else.
   - If you add the tag “herald” to your page, then you will be listed with
   everyone else who is tagged.
   - [image: Tags]

   You don’t need to be in full “Edit” mode (or signed in) to change tags.
   - In upper right corner, click on the “…” button for more options
      - Select “Tags”, then select “edit”
      - Type the first 3-4 letters of the tag name
      - Wait a moment for the wiki to bring up the tags that have already
      used those letters
      - Select the appropriate one
      - If you don’t see the one you want, try a different potential tag –
      “Clothing” instead of “Costuming”
      - Capitalization doesn’t seem to matter
      - Tags should probably be more generic rather than more specific – so
      tag “music” rather than “vocal music”, “weaving” rather than
      - A&S tags are based on the official categories in the Kingdom
      Judging Criteria, slightly simplified, eg. Dance instead of “Dance
      Performance, European”
      - Award/Order tags are based the official name of the Order, eg.
      “Silver Hammer”
      - Group tags are just the name of the group, eg. “Vatavia” NOT
      “Barony of Vatavia”.

* Page Examples:*

Personal Pages:

Group Page:

Event Page:


Areas of Interest:
[image: Like]
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