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*Ed. Note:  This article is based on an interview with Mistress Nesscia
inghean Chearnaigh
<>, as well as
notes provided by her.  Neither the Falcon Banner nor Mistress Nesscia
endorse any of the listed links, which are provided for information only.
Nesscia encourages anyone exploring this path to try several of these
sources and find the best fit.  *

Mistress Nesscia came to the SCA because of Silent Heraldry. She had long
time friends who had found the SCA and needed access, so she came along to
interpret for them. “I had nasty, old, thrown together costumes” she
laughs.  But she soon became enchanted in her own right; “As I looked
around it was like ‘This is really cool. Look at what these people are
doing. Let me play too.'”

Now Nessica teaches and encourages others in the art of Silent Heraldry.
The Falcon Banner recently asked her for some advice on how someone can
become a Silent Herald.

   - Start taking classes in American Sign Language (ASL).  Just like a
      voice herald, you must have a basic knowledge of the language in order to
      be understood.  Your local college
      university or other community resource may have continuing ed courses
      available. If not, several online resources are listed below.

   - It is very difficult to acquire a language in isolation, especially if
      you are not attending classes in person.  Find a practice
partner.  Engage
      your child, your spouse, your neighbor or anyone else willing to
come along
      on this journey with your.

   - If you don’t have anyone in your daily life who can assist, there are
      online groups for practicing with others, via online video.  You can also
      video chat with someone else in the Kingdom who is involved in Silent
      Heraldry.  Remember you will need a web camera to participate in
      these groups.

   - Avoid books on ASL.  It is very difficult for the beginner to look at
      a two dimensional picture and translate accurately into a three
      medium.  Beginners can end up practicing and memorizing the wrong thing.
       “It takes twice as long to unlearn something and learn it the
right way,”
      Nesscia advises.  With the availability of video sources, she does not
      advise hard copy sources at all.

   - Hang out with other Silent Heralds.  Nesscia has a Youtube channel to
      show the signs for some words that are SCA specific, but much of the
      nuances of Silent Heraldry are “word of mouth.”  You can also get
      opportunities to actually do Silent Heraldry this way;  “I’m willing, if
      you are taking a sign language class, come on, Ill get you up there!”
      Nesscia says.

*Silent Heraldry Video Resources*

   - (YouTube)  Nesscia’s Sign/Silent Heraldry:

*Articles About Silent Heraldry*

   - *Why a Silent Herald* by Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh:
   - *Six Things to Know About Silent Heraldry for Those Holding Court* by
   Alexandra Vazquez de Granada:
   - *So You Want to Become a Silent Herald?  *by Maestra Suzanne de la

*Online ASL Learning Resources*

   - American Sign Language University:
   - Start ASL:
   - ASL Pro:

*Online Practice Resources*

   - (Facebook) ASL Practice Pals:
   - (Google Plus)  ASL Buddies:
   - (Rochelle Barlow)  ASL Practice Group:
   practice/  and

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