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> Syr Duncan just posted an update:
> All,
> After being told two weeks ago that we had to start inspecting helms off
> of the head the SEM has decided that we need to wait until he has a better
> idea of what we are looking for and how.  To that end he is suspending his
> earlier edict to inspect helms in any manner differently than what we are
> already doing.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I am at work and have no way
> to access Facebook, can someone please forward this the Kingdom Facebook
> page and the calon list?
> YIS,
>  Duncan
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>> The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Marshals Please Read: Change
>> to Helm Inspections Starting October 1st
>> <>'
>> *From Syr Duncan of Skeene
>> <>, Earl Marshal of
>> Calontir*
>> I received the following from Sir Padraig, the Deputy SEM for Rattan
>> combat. We are to begin this process now. I am not worried about if we
>> inspect the same helm at several different events. We are supposed to make
>> this part of our normal inspection process until further notice.
>> I think it is because of a rash of concussions, goose eggs and pressure
>> gashes in the recent past. I know this will be a bit of a pain in tracking
>> how many inspections we do and how many fail because of not enough padding
>> but I have no choice in the matter. We need to begin this process OCTOBER 1.
>> Quoted message follows:
>> ” I am asking one and all to begin a round of helm inspections that would
>> include a check of the interior padding. We should be looking for
>> proper coverage, thickness and resilience. I would Appreciate if
>> your Marshals would get a count of how many helms were inspected,
>> how many failed and why. It would be nice f we could have this info
>> by kingdom included in your end of year reports. I would also like
>> you to instruct your Marshals that if any head injuries occur,
>> bleeding lumps, tko’s or Mo’s even, that they inspect the injured
>> fighters helm and include any finding good or bad in the report to
>> you. I think in short time we can find out if our inspection has
>> been sloppy in the past, or if there really is a problem that we can
>> put a finger on.
>> In service
>> Padraig”
>> Thank you,
>> Syr Duncan of Skeene
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>> Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent
>> manuscript. Public domain in the US
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