We are now just a few weeks out from what will be one of the biggest (and hopefully best) ECN meetings we’ve ever organized.  To streamline things a little, particularly with regards to the Business meeting, the Executive Council and I would like to notify you of a few things in advance so you can prepare beforehand.


1)      The reading and approval of the minutes has traditionally been a long and tedious process when it doesn’t need to be.  The minutes from the 2015 ECN meeting in Minneapolis are attached to this message and is also available at We are asking members to please read them over and let us know if you see anything that needs to be addressed.  I’d like this part of the program squeezed down to a minute or two at the most by simply calling for a motion to approve at the meeting.  Thanks for your help with this.


2)      Undoubtedly, as with past ECN meetings, you will have announcements that you would like to make.  This ends up being an unnecessarily long and unscheduled break in the program that is difficult to accommodate.  To help alleviate this problem, this year, we are offering a large space on one of the poster boards for posting announcements (particularly job announcements or other announcements that might lend themselves to being posted in this manner).  We will still call for announcements from the floor, but we strongly urge you to use the posting space for announcements that can be handled that way to cut down on the amount of time devoted to announcements.  It would be fine if you simply want to stand and point out the announcement on the board and to have people contact you directly for questions.  Again, just trying to streamline the meeting as much as we can.


3)      Regarding lost colleagues, we got some photos of Norm Penny and Gareth Perry.  My call for someone to give a short presentation yielded little in the way of results so we are going to be doing things slightly differently than planned.  Rather than having a presentation during the business meeting, the pictures submitted are going to be printed out and posted on the poster boards along with a Large block of paper where you can write little notes etc. honoring our fallen colleagues.  A kind of memory wall, if you will.  At the end of the meeting, the memory wall will be photographed, posted on the website and shared with the family and loved ones of those who have left us.  Are we missing anyone?  We will still do a moment of silence and a call from the floor of additional names, but I wanted to keep you posted.


4)      All of the current officers (myself, Katrina, Andy and Christy) have indicated willingness to be nominated for a second term, but we are hoping that others in the group are ready and willing to step up and be an officer for ECN.  We hope you will consider nominating someone or nominating yourself to join the team.  Since Gino asked to step down as Program Chair, we are seeking a new person to occupy that role immediately for the Denver meeting (working closely with Katrina and I).  The remainder of the officer terms will end at the end of the 2017 ECN meeting in Denver.


5)      We will be trying a new survey to help guide and improve the organization of the meeting.  We are working on the draft form right now, but this will be available at the registration desk as part of your registration “packet”.  Please complete the form and return it to us before we break on Saturday evening to help us make the meeting even more useful for you, our members. We will also be trying a few new things at the meeting that will maximize participation in social media and also promote networking, especially between ECN “generations”.  We hope you will embrace any and all of these efforts (and at least one comes with prizes!!!).


6)      Finally, I am pleased to announce that through the generosity of our sponsors and some exceptional thriftiness by the Executive Council, we are once again happy to say that we will be providing free drink tickets (one per registrant) for the mixer that will immediately follow the business meeting on Friday evening.  So, don’t miss out!








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