As Norman says we've been doing this for years at OSU. We also work with 
colleagues and their students to allow them to publish their specimen 
data & make the data available via the big data aggregators. Other 
institutions are doing the same. I think we as a community should be 
using & supporting these well-established efforts rather than creating 
new ones or adding intermediaries.

Much more concerning to me is the number of people who are still 
publishing today without a second thought to specimen level databasing. 
In my position I see plenty of it. I hear students saying: our lab does 
not do that.

Hope this helps.
-- Lu

On 9/13/2016 9:23 AM, Norman F. Johnson wrote:
> The xBio:D database at Ohio State has hosted data originating from a 
> large number of other collections for many years now. This began with 
> our taxonomic work: simply stated, almost none of the collections from 
> which the specimens came had a data portal. So we've had to do it 
> ourselves, all the while citing the institution that actually holds 
> the material in question. As an extension, we now also serve as the 
> physical repository for other institutions, a logical extension of the 
> same issue. With the appropriate IPT the role of OSU is (or should be) 
> entirely transparent to a user going through something like GBIF or 
> iDigBio.  This seems to me to be an old issue that has been solved 
> many times.
> On the suggested issue of centralization, it seems to me that 
> organizations such as SysEB are not a good choice. It lacks stability 
> in personnel, funds to maintain such an operation, and the physical 
> infrastructure to take on the long-term commitment needed.
> Norm Johnson

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