Hi again,

Thank you for this first round of replies! This is very insightful.

I have some follow-up questions:

1) Are MTA's only needed for "Brazilian Genetic Heritage" specimens? The specimens we have out on loan are pinned insects that are unsuitable and not intended for genetic studies.
2) Can export MTA's be arranged for specimens that are already in Brazil? They did enter the country without problem a few years ago. Of course, we would like to receive them back also.
3) Are MTA's needed for non-Brazilian specimens?

Thanks again, Matthias

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I have a Brazilian colleague who wants to send us (as a gift) paratype specimens of a recently described species.  In order to do so we need an MTA between our institutions.  One statement in the MTA is holding things up.  This is that this material, if secondarily loaned by us, requires a new MTA between the originating Brazilian institution and the institution receiving the loaned specimens.  Our museum does not want to be so encumbered (especially as these are gifted specimens, not loaned) and so won't sign.  We are trying to resolve this, but the real worry here is that if the Nagoya Protocol begins to be applied by other countries, we are going to see more and more of these same agreements become necessary and international shipments and collaborations will grind to a halt.

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Hi all

The ones between the NHM london and Brazilian Institutes and all state biological material and there are now time limits put on them - this enables both us and the corresponding institute have lots of flexibility


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Hi All -

Shipping to and from Brazil required 2 documents -

An MTA (Materials Transfer Agreement) between your institution and the receiving institution in Brazil. Each MTA document only works in one "direction" so make sure when you arrange for one, that you arrange both a sending and receiving MTA. These must be set up in advance and may extend for a few years (depending on the terms of the agreement). When we make ours, we try to make them for as long as possible. Note, if you have an MTA with one institution, it will not be valid for other institutions.

You (may) also need a declaration of sanitation, which is mainly important for specimens in alcohol. We've had trouble getting the shipments through without an official stamp or notarization of the document, so make sure you include that as well. Each page of an original copy sent in the shipment must have a signature and a seal. We've had no problem with a simple embosser that says "Field Museum"

Also, it's worth it to include all documents in both English and Portugese.

Hope this helps!


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I recently received a request to send specimens to Brazil and was wondering the same thing as I had heard of possible issues with loan returns. If anybody has experience with this (positive/negative) please respond to the list.


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Does anyone know what the legalities of sending specimens on loan to Brazil are? I just heard from an Italian colleague that there can be problems returning the specimens to the lender unless there are special agreements in place (in particular for specimens that originated from Brazil). I have not heard about this before (maybe I am a little bit out of the loop). In recent years we have sent several loans to Brazil, some major and some including material that originated from Brazil. I am a bit concerned now. I would appreciate your insights.

Thanks in advance,


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