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I would like to introduce to you the book “Subtle Hunts” (Subtile Jagden), by the German author Ernst Jünger.

Jünger lived to a memorable 102 years of age, was for a long period of time under suspicion for glorifying war

through his novels about WWI, was however anti-Hitler, got expelled from the army during the Stauffenberg plot,

although his eldest son got arrested and died in a penal battalion.


He was also an exceptional entomologist, there now exists the Ernst Jünger Entomology Prize in Germany, and in 1967

he wrote about his passion in the book entitled “Subtle Hunts” (see archive Jünger). In matters Scarab, he wrote a chapter

on Typhoeus, but his true love goes for Cicindela, as can be seen from the table of contents (see archive Inhalt). He also wrote

a nice chapter on “Collectors and Taxonomists”.


I hope this brief note will motivate some of you to read this remarkable book.









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