A historical note:  Rienk de Jong, Dick Vane-Wright and I had a web site called ButterflyNet about fifteen years ago, that was an early attempt to build a community of people interested in butterfly classification.  It has been superceded by efforts on the Tree of Life web pages (now also a dead, static thing, unfortunately).

A clarification:  when Sam says she wants Hesperiidae, Papilionidae and Hedylidae, I am sure she meant Papilionoidea and would also like to receive nymphalids, pierids, lycaenids and riodinids.


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Hello fellow entomologists, we are seeking specimen donations for our ButterflyNet project in the Kawahara Lab at the McGuire Center at the Florida Museum of Natural History. We are in need of any butterfly specimens (Papilionidae, Hedylidae, and also Hesperiidae) that are in good condition for molecular work. Drying kits (silica gel, envelopes and ziplocks) with instructions are available and can be acquired through Samm Epstein at ECN or Akito Kawahara throughout ICE. Please email [log in to unmask] for questions or additional information. Thanks for your interest in helping our project!
Samm Epstein

Samantha W. Epstein
Research Assistant/Volunteer Manager, McGuire Center of Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Lab Manager, Entomology & Nematology Department at the University of Florida