Greetings to the list from Dorcas!

Their Majesties have expanded Their Royal Progress to include the Known
World Fiber Arts Symposium.

The discovery of Calontir's Heirs Ashir and Ashland also brings an expanded
Royal Progress.  Their Highnesses are traveling to the RUSH event in
Carlsby, and possibly other events.  This means They can conduct the
business of Their Majesties in more places.

Of course, this means new opportunities for YOU to rat out your friends for
the cool stuff they do!

You may be asking, "What awards might my friends be eligible for?"  The
answer is to be found on the Calontir Home page, under the Heraldry links.
Look for the link to Introduction to Awards.  Clicky.  Or just click here:

You may be asking, "How can I recommend my friends for awards or orders
that I don't have?"  The answer is, "Just do it."  You do NOT have to have
an award to recommend somebody else for it.

You may be saying, "Okay, I'm convinced.  But how do I submit an award
recommendation?"  The answer is to be found on the Calontir Home page, on
the right side, near the top.  Look for the gold box labeled Make an Award
Recommendation.  Clicky.  Or just click here:

Making award recommendations is a privilege and a duty.  It increases the
level of coolness and fun.  Do it for Their Majesties.  Do it for your
friends.  Do it for fun!

In service,

(will somebody please cross post this message to the Boke of Faces?)

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