I just submitted one award rec. Took less than 5 minutes. It's fast and
easy online!

If everyone did just one recommendation, TRM would have 100's to sort

Give 5 minutes to the Kingdom. Rat on your friends!



On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Dorcas Whitecap <[log in to unmask]>

> Greetings to the list from Dorcas!
> Their Majesties have expanded Their Royal Progress to include the Known
> World Fiber Arts Symposium.
> The discovery of Calontir's Heirs Ashir and Ashland also brings an
> expanded Royal Progress.  Their Highnesses are traveling to the RUSH event
> in Carlsby, and possibly other events.  This means They can conduct the
> business of Their Majesties in more places.
> Of course, this means new opportunities for YOU to rat out your friends
> for the cool stuff they do!
> You may be asking, "What awards might my friends be eligible for?"  The
> answer is to be found on the Calontir Home page, under the Heraldry links.
> Look for the link to Introduction to Awards.  Clicky.  Or just click here:
> You may be asking, "How can I recommend my friends for awards or orders
> that I don't have?"  The answer is, "Just do it."  You do NOT have to have
> an award to recommend somebody else for it.
> You may be saying, "Okay, I'm convinced.  But how do I submit an award
> recommendation?"  The answer is to be found on the Calontir Home page, on
> the right side, near the top.  Look for the gold box labeled Make an Award
> Recommendation.  Clicky.  Or just click here:
> Making award recommendations is a privilege and a duty.  It increases the
> level of coolness and fun.  Do it for Their Majesties.  Do it for your
> friends.  Do it for fun!
> In service,
> D^
> (will somebody please cross post this message to the Boke of Faces?)
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