Hello, All! Crown Tournament is this weekend; I wish the very best of luck and honor to all the Combatants and Consorts. As usual, I am preparing the escutcheons for display on the Crown Board. I do hope people find it useful still...?
In any case, there are 8 combatants New to the Crown List this year... and only 2 who do not have registered heraldry.
Would Master Magnus Anskegg and The Honorable Ld. Aiden O'Sheaghdh please contact me as soon as may be to let me know wh...at you would like on your escutcheon?
Finally, I wish to Thank all the Crowns who have trusted me with the task of Escutcheon Wrangling for... well, a damn long time. I've greatly enjoyed adding a small part to the splendid pageantry of the Kingdom. As I continued the work started by Her Grace Alix Coeurbois, it is now time that someone else, someone who is more active in the daily and weekly life of the Kingdom, take this task over from me. Please contact me, either by email or private message, if you are interested. It really is fun, and only demands a little time every 6 months. Really.
Thanks again,
Olga Belobashnina Cherepanova
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