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Calon Cross scroll for Master Gunnar Thorisson

Scroll Text, Calligraphy and Illumination by THL Ines Alfón


Calon Cross scroll for Gunnar Thorisson

Calon Cross scroll for Gunnar Thorisson


Lo in Calontir, the harvest long as hay gathers in the wain,

Anton and Isabeau hone thanks All to Gunnar; raise Tyr-valiant

bridges strewn of words. Bragi! Valhalla’s skald,

pour your mead for Mor, produce her Dwarves’ Drink.


Gunnar Thorisson likens gracious soul-blood

Bit-piece gift-give:  by truth-webs told.

Deed-famous Myner daring Midgard-rover.

Strives Mor for staves standing as worthy thanks.


Hail the thunder moon home to the halls of the heartland,

Sheaves of shining strands Snotra of Earth son’s Hall –

Gloats through troubles bring treasures:  go trade for crop of braids

Land-rich king enjoys leisure in his words and deeds.


Upon the heartland’s rim, upwards Gunnar is driven

One to walk this wheel of Hild:  in western lands

Testing his story’s net:  true bracing ring-givers,

Shows the Calon Helm, Supports the Calon Rose.


Trunk of the sword-trees. Trust of his axe-born leaders

Wrath-teacher for wolf-feeders Wrestles the raven-friends

Selfless Gunnar has earned Stature granted by arms;

His deeds bring honor to the halls of Anton and Isabeau.


Hear Grìmnir’s lip-streams hewn on calfskin worked

All for Odin’s burden, A Calon Cross has wonder!

Staves stand as thanks, strophes of worth-ship and troth

Praise the ash-born thunder, Prize his service and deeds



This is a translation into regular text of the prose of the Drottkvaet. Each paragraph matches a stanza of the poem. It is a part of many Drottkvaet that the author begs of the gods to help write the stanzas. Date signed is noted as Sun-month. Somewhere around July 13th is the last day of the sun-month, and the beginning of the thunder-month.

Mor inghean Chathail, also known as Ines Alfon


Here in Calontir, we are of the time of the harvest. Anton and Isabeau wish raise Gunnar up as a hero, thank him with these words. Mor, as the creator of the text, prays for help from Odin to make it worthy of Gunnar and Their Majesties.

Gunnar Thorisson place his heart into his work as a webminister for various groups. He is a Crystal Myner coming from the Midrealm. Mor works for words to stand as worthy thanks.

As this moon-month of July-August starts here in Calontir, We know that as Snotra prophesied good from Loki stealing her hair, so does Anton enjoy knowing the good wrought from Gunnar’s words and deeds.

Gunnar’s work is also in the real world of the SCA, working on kingdom websites and autocratting Anton and Isabeau’s coronation, supporting the current and former crowns in all they ask.

Gunnar also does a lot of work as the Knight Marshal of his group,. Because of this service, Gunnar has earned this grant of arms; his deeds bring honor to halls of Anton and Isabeau.

Hear all the words written upon this scroll, for all of Gunnar’s service, he is hereby introduced into the order of the Calon Cross. This poem and scroll praising his works, letting all who read it know of the worth shown in Gunnar, and how much is prized his service and deeds.

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