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*Calon Lily scroll for THL Severin Svendottir

*Text, Calligraphy and Illumination by Halgrimr riddari
<>, Chair
by Thorin Badgerson*

[image: Calon Lily scroll for Severin Svendottir]

Calon Lily scroll for Severin Svendottir

Hearken, Calontir,
to Our Ring-givers praise
for Severin of Denmark,
daughter of Sven!

A praiseworthy peace-weaver(1)
is Severin the skillful:
Woods bane(2) tender,
Weaver’s thorn wielder(3).
We hold her the highest
in the research of her peoples.
We call her Hearth-tender,
Lady of the Fire,
Binder of Seams,
Dispenser of mirth and joy.
We praise her here
for all of her arts:
her lore, her knowledge
and her pursuit of mastery.

Ever giving of life-liquid(4)
is this cup-wif of the Falcon:
a sought after teacher,
a knowledge-seeker;
such a joyous spirit
never matched in the sagas of old.

The Breaker of Rings(5) Logan and Cup Cwen Ylva
have honored her,
As witnessed by the Aesir and Vanir,
fairly and fittingly
with Lily flower!
Thus They proclaim
from Their High Seats.
Severin has mind’s worth(6)
now and forever!

Horns of mead were emptied and a mighty cry of SKOL erupted when this was
done in by Their hand in Their Barony of Lonely Tower on the 18th day of
Haustmánuður, during the time of Náttleysi.
1) A kenning for woman
2) A kenning for fire
3) A kenning for needle
4) A kenning for service
5) A kenning for Chieftain
6) A kenning for honor

IIRC, and I need to double check my notes at home, the runes in red that
are in various places say:

Chair by Thorin
Runes written and stuck by Halvgrimr riddari
Commissioned by Aslinn gold-friend
Lovingly blessed by Jorunn

Also, because I am a big fan of the graffiti the Vikings left behind, like
that in the mosque of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, on the rear of the
chair it says (in runes) “Halvgrimr was here”
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